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17 July 2011 @ 03:53 pm
Doctor Who Fanfic: Living Forest  
Title: Living Forest
Fandom: Doctor Who
Character(s): Rose Tyler, Ninth Doctor, Jack Harkness
Pairing(s): pre-Nine/Rose/Jack
Word Count: 1850
Genre: general
Rating: PG/K+
Notes: This fic was a surprise. It started off as practice, since this only my second finished Doctor Who fic. I used a meme (the rules are under the cut), and it went pretty well. The Doctor, Rose and Jack get lost in a forest, that is alive. (Do tell me how my characterization went. I haven't written any of these before except Jack in a fic I didn't quite finish yet. <3) Not beta'd, so any Brits, do tell me my mistakes. XD

( ...is this forest alive...? )
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