June 16th, 2013


Beautiful opportunity!

Hey Doctor Who fandom! As dedicated watchers and fandomers and ficcers,  bet you've probably seen what I've seen in this fandom which is a humungous variety of fic, everything from the massive plotty to the short and smutty, because there are so many wonderful characters and an immense amount of canon to take advantage of. What I adore most about this fandom is the insane amount of creativity, and what I love most about the show is the fact that anything can happen, be it outrageous or everyday. And that's where badsexfest comes in.


Sex isn't always pretty! Sometimes you get hit with sex pollen and can finally shag the *cough Time Lord cough* person you've had a thing for for ages, and then it wears off halfway through. Sometimes you hit your head on the top bunk and get a concussion. And sometimes you find the perfect sex toy at an alien market, but your partner just isn't feeling the love. That's why badsexfest is here, to show the, shall we say, not so perfect side of this natural thing that all species do. Well, I say all species, but I could tell you about this one time when I landed on...

Prompting is open until July 1, so come on down and post some prompts, and fill the Doctor Who and any fandom prompts that are already there. The com won't know what hit it in the face just as it was about to come.