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FIC: Hunger | Nine/Rose/Jack | NC17

title:  Hunger
author:  simons_flower
pairing:  Nine/Rose/Jack (and all combinations thereof)
rating:  NC-17
status:  complete (for now, though there will probably be a sequel)
spoilers:  betweeen “Boom Town” and “Bad Wolf”
word count:  ~17,250
genre:  drama, romance, action/adventure, humor, sws, mystery, angst
warnings:  dub-con, het, slash, threesome, minor bloodplay, restraint, biting, minor dom/sub, frottage, wall sex, oral sex.  Please note that rape triggers might be contained within, so if you have a sensitivity to such triggers you are warned.
summary:  Humans could be so powerful and yet so fragile.  The dichotomy was part of what made them so fascinating.  Add accidental mind control to the mix, and things become really interesting.
     But when the Doctor finds out it was all deliberate, he discovers how much Jack and Rose really mean to him, and they find out what to what lengths he is willing to go in order to keep them safe.  Has the Doctor gone too far?
author’s notes:  This is my first foray into Doctor Who fanfic.  I was going to resist Doctor Who, but was sucked into the world and devoured it as much as it devoured me.  This bunny then bit me and hung on for dear life.  I have a reputation as the Empress of Trio Smut, Evil and Angst in the Harry Potter fandom, so I hope I’ve done that justice here.
     This originally was going to be a short piece, nothing much more than a PWP.  It changed.  I had to add more warnings than I’ve had in one piece in a long time, especially in this combination.  Then the angst bunny visited.  I feel like this entire piece has been an, “And then . . . .”
     A more deeply felt thank you than I can express coherently to madam_minnie for her hand-holding and encouragement with this one.  She’s been my cheerleader here, making me write more even when I was unsure.  More thanks should be heaped upon letmypidgeonsgo for working out geeky details about Christopher Eccleston’s body language and other Doctor Who nitpickiness in the wee hours of the morning.  And a final thanks to quill2002 for her insights into some overall characterizations and some warnings about things I hadn’t thought about.  This fic would not be in the condition it is without these three wonderful ladies.  Thank you Minnie, Amy and Quill.

Part I: Hunger
Part II: Memory
Part III: After Effects
Part IV: Revelations
Part V: The Oncoming Storm
[each part contains links to the other parts as well]
Tags: fanfic

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