dameruth (dameruth) wrote in better_with_3,

better_with_3 nominated for a Children of Time Award! :D

Greetings, all!  Our comm has been nominated for a Children of Time Award (in the "Favorite Community/Site" category).  Yay!  :D 

The Awards haven't heard back yet from the mods, accepting the nomination, and LJ PM's haven't been working, so just in case there was something funky going on with email notifications, I thought I'd post the info publicly.  Many apologies if that contravenes the rules of the comm, but since it's not a pimp post per se, rather an actual notification of an honor given, I hoped it would be okay.  There's an acceptance deadline of Jan. 27th for nominees to be included in this round's voting, so time is an issue.

ETA: the address for accepting/declining nominations is childrenoftimeawards@yahoo.com.

Okay, going back to lurking-and-occasional-fic-posting-mode . . . ;)


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