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OT3 Ficathon Master List

wendymr and I are pleased announce the formation of the OT3 ficathon master list. Please visit this link to post the links to your stories and to read all the wonderful contributions to this ficathon. As a reminder, fics are due by January 31. If anyone already knows that they're having difficulty and won't be ready to start posting by the 31st, please PM or email wendymr or myself as soon as possible so that we can discuss extensions or pinch-hitting as necessary.

Also, anyone who didn't get to sign up for the ficathon but is just dying to write OT3, there are still spare prompts available here if you're interested. We said the deadline would be February 28 for the spare prompt round, but a couple of people have already told me they may need longer than that, so we won't hold you to the deadline.

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