nina_dS (nina_ds) wrote in better_with_3,

Fic: Relict, 10/13(?)

Title: Relict
Author: nina_ds @ ninamusing
Characters: Ninth Doctor/Rose Tyler/Jack Harkness
Rating: Teen
Disclaimer: Not mine. All in fun. Well, and a little hurt/comfort.
Beta: wendymr
Summary: The aftermath of a dangerous encounter breaks down some of the Doctor's resistance.

Chapter One - Bazaar | Chapter Two - Maintenance | Chapter Three - Off-Balance | Chapter Four - Whirl | Chapter Five - Shadows | Chapter Six - Latency | Chapter Seven - Ritual | Chapter Eight - Unpredictable | Chapter Nine - Reverberation

Chapter Ten - Propagation

The door swings open at the lightest touch, and the path of light across the floor seems to beckon her in. The linoleum is smooth and cool beneath her bare feet, and her toes curl a little as she approaches the monkish bed.

Tags: fanfic

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